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In the event of employment, I agree to abide by all present and subsequently issues rules of the Company, and I understand that the Company may change the rules, regulations and conditions of employment from time to time as it deems necessary without my prior knowledge, approval or consent. I agree to permit the Company to inspect, at its discretion, any Company operated quarters, rooms or lockers provided for employees or employees or Lessees. I also agree, as a condition of employment, that the belongings of employees, including automobiles, may from time to time be searched by authorized representatives of the Company's Security force. Also, in the event of employment and in consideration thereof, the Company and any person or concern it may authorize shall be entitled, without further consent, to copyright, sell or use in any manner, any photograph of me or recording of my voice. I authorize my former employers and other individuals to give information concerning me, whether or not it is on their records, and I release them and their companies from any liability whatsoever. I hereby certify that all statements given on this application form are true and correct and I understand that any falsification, misstatement or omission of material fact on this or any other personnel record will be sufficient grounds for dismissal without recourse, event though employed. I understand that if employed, my employment is terminable at the will of either party for any reason at any time.