Challenge Zone FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of the Challenge Zone?

There is no additional cost associated with the Challenge Zone. Admission to Coney Island’s Sunlite Water Adventure via a daily ticket or Season Pass includes access to the Challenge Zone.

Where will the Challenge Zone exist?

The Challenge Zone will reside in the deep end of the Sunlite Pool.

How large is the Challenge Zone?

The Challenge Zone will feature more than 150 feet of climbing obstacles, slides, monkey bars, and balance beams.

Do guests need to know how to swim to participate in the Challenge Zone?

For their own safety, all participants must be confident swimmers as the depth of the water in areas of the Challenge Zone is 9 feet deep.

Are life jackets required for the Challenge Zone?

All guests who participate in the Challenge Zone must wear a life jacket. Coast Guard-approved life jackets will be provided at no cost. The life jackets must be returned after guests exit the Challenge Zone as they are not permitted in the “free play” area of the deep end of the Sunlite Pool.

Are life jackets provided?

Coney Island will provide Coast Guard-approved lifejackets at no cost to guests. Life jackets will be available in chest sizes ranging from 20” to 60”. Parents should check the proper fit of a life jacket before allowing their child to participate in the Challenge Zone.

Can guests use their own life jackets in the Challenge Zone?

All Challenge Zone participants must wear one of the provided life jackets.

How deep is the water in the Challenge Zone?

The water in the Challenge Zone ranges from a depth of 4.5 feet to a depth of 9 feet.

Will the new attraction affect lap swimming in the deep end of the pool?

There will still be lap lines for swimming in the deep end of the Sunlite Pool. However, please note that there will be a border of buoys around the Challenge Zone individuals will no longer be permitted to swim the entire width of the pool (perpendicular/across) the lap lines.