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Coney Island Amusement, Cincinnati, Ohio

Our discounted [email protected] tickets are easy to purchase, print and redeem. Best of all, they’re good for the entire season, which gives you the flexibility to purchase in advance and choose your day of fun!

General Admission (Mon-Thurs)


General Admission includes access to Sunlite Water Adventure, Rides and Attractions, Live Shows, Eurobungy, a round of Mini Golf, and Paddle Boats.

Ages 8 & up
Ages 2-7
Ages 62 & up
General Admission
at-the-gate pricing
Ages 8 & up$19.95
Ages 2-7$11.95
Ages 62 & up$15.95
Friday-Sunday Princing

Sunlite Water

Includes Access to Sunlite Pool, Cannonball Cove, Typhoon Tower, and Waterslides


Ages 8 & up
Ages 2-7
Ages 62 & up
General Admission
Ages 8 & up$20.95
Ages 2-7$12.95
Ages 62 & up$17.95
After 4 PM (Mon-Thurs)

Rides & Attractions

Includes Access to all Rides & Attractions, Live Shows and Paddle Boats and Canoes.


Ages 8 & up
Ages 2-7
Ages 62 & up
 After 4PM Pricing
Ages 8 & up$15.95
Ages 2-7$8.95
Ages 62 & up$12.95

Parking Pricing

Parking Monday through Thursday is $10.00, Friday through Sunday is $12.00.

[email protected]

Please note: [email protected] tickets can be printed at home or scanned via mobile devices once you enter the gate. It may take up to 30 minutes for [email protected] Tickets to process. You will not be able to print your tickets until they are processed. All tickets are non-refundable.

At the Gate

Tickets are available at the main ticket booth, outside of Sunlite Water Adventure.

After 4pm Pricing: Enjoy special discount pricing every day after 4:00pm for Junior and Adult ticket holders.

Adult General Admission: $16.95

Adult Sunlite Water Adventure: $11.95

Adult Rides: $9.95

Junior General Admission: $9.95

Junior Sunlite Water Adventure: $5.95

Junior Rides: $5.95