FAQs and Policies

Which parking gate do I enter?

Parker’s Grove picnics, Moonlite Gardens: Gate 1 – off Penn Avenue.
Sunlite Water Adventure and Ride customers, Pool picnics: Gate 2 – main gate at Kellogg and Sutton Ave.
Exit gates, special events: Gates 3 and 4 – near Riverbend/River Downs. Riverbend patrons enter through all gates.

What do you charge for parking?

Parking is $9 per car.

Does Metro have a route to Coney Island?

No, but there is a stop next door at Belterra Park.

Is there an admission fee just to walk around the park?

No. You can do as much or as little as you want at Coney Island. Take-in one of our original Live Shows, enjoy the children’s playground, walk along the banks of the Ohio River, or enjoy some sunshine by Lake Como.

Do you have wheelchair and stroller rental?

Yes, you can rent a wheelchair or stroller for $5 per day and double strollers for $7 per day. *There is also a $5 deposit fee for each rental.

Can I bring picnic baskets and coolers to Coney Island?

Yes. You may bring picnic baskets and coolers but they should be left at the Picnic Area, located outside of Sunlite Water Adventure’s west admission gate, across from the Python coaster. Picnic baskets and coolers are not permitted inside Sunlite Water Adventure, Parker’s Grove Picnic area or at any of our food patios. Please remember that Coney Island prohibits grilling, glass containers and bringing alcoholic beverages into the park.

May I grill my own food?

No, public grilling is not allowed.

Can I bring my personal floats and lawn chairs to Sunlite Water Adventure?

Yes, however floats are not allowed in the deep end of Sunlite Pool, and chairs are not permitted on the pool deck.

Do children need to wear swim diapers?

Yes, swim diapers must be worn at Sunlite Pool, as well as plastic pants worn over the swim diaper. Plastic Pants are available FREE at the Sunlite Adventure office.

Are daily lockers available for rental?

Yes, lockers are available at Sunlite Water Adventure in the men’s and women’s bathhouses on the deep end of the pool. Standard rentals are $7 and Premium rentals are $10.

Is Miniature Golf included with an All-Day Rides wristband?

No, but you may purchase a round of miniature golf for a discounted price in addition to your Rides wristband.

What is Coney Island’s policy on smoking?

Smoking is prohibited in the park except for the designated smoking areas.

Does Coney Island offer rainchecks?

Rainchecks will be distributed if and when the park closes due to inclement weather. Sorry, there are no cash refunds.

Park Policies

  • All tickets are non-refundable.
  • No pets are permitted into the park.
  • No glass containers are allowed in the park.
  • No grilling is allowed in the park.
  • Entrance to the park constitutes permission for Coney Island to photograph you while on the premises and to use pictures for a lawful purpose without compensation.
  • No skateboarding, roller-skating or bicycling permitted in the park.
  • Shirts and shoes must be worn on the rides.
  • No fishing in Lake Como.
  • Ohio State Law prohibits individuals from bringing alcoholic beverages into the park and the sale of alcoholic beverages to anyone under the legal age.
  • Coney Island reserves the right to limit the operating hours of Sunlite Water Adventure and Rides & Attractions.
  • No person may bring or possess any weapons including concealed firearms on any Coney Island property including buildings, parking lots and private vehicles.